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LittleCaprice trademark!!

Hello my dears… Long time ago… But There is so many new thinks going on now, that even if Im not writing you new blogs, Im not forgot you at all!!!

So 🙂 Lets starts: LittleCaprice is TradeMark now… do you want to know why? 🙂 Hm you can guess, I give you little help… its my new domain, and its getting in progress!!! Yes 🙂 I have dreams, and I will share them with you very soon! YAAAY!!!

But I need a little help from you… I know I was asking you some time ago already, but now is actual… Is there somebody who want to help me to create my new logo? If yes, please write me an email to 🙂

Oh my got Im so excited… And you should be also, because the thinks gonna be big… 🙂

Let me know your thoughts and I’m waiting for your emails 🙂

Big kisses and hugs Yours Caprice 🙂